Loving Lemons (and Lemonade Stands)

There is something very special about lemonade.

The refreshing drink conjures up images of warm summer days and children.

Because who can think of lemonade without thinking of a tiny, smiling face behind a lemonade stand getting his/her first taste of entrepreneurship?

And as we usher in the summer season, what better way to do it than by observing National Lemonade Day?

The Origins of National Lemonade Day

lemonadeCommemorated on the first Sunday of May, National Lemonade Day was founded in 2007 by Lisa and Michael Holthouse of Houston, Texas.

The idea behind the day is to give children the opportunity to start and run their very first business—a lemonade stand.

The concept was inspired by Lisa’s own childhood memories. When she was young, she wanted to buy a turtle, but her dad refused to pay for one. To remedy the situation, Lisa set up her own lemonade stand outside their house and succeeded in raising the money necessary to purchase her beloved turtle.

This first foray into self-independence left a deep impression on her, and she came up with the idea of National Lemonade Day so other children could enjoy a similar experience.

Her brainchild has taken off in a big way.

Since its inception, National Lemonade Day has helped over 1 million youth in 60 cities throughout North America. In 2016 alone, 101,000 kids joined in the fun.

Fun Facts About Lemons and Lemonade

lemonHere are some fun facts about lemons and lemonade:

  • It is believed that lemonade originated in 500 AD in Egypt where the peasants drank wine which blended lemon, dates, and honey.
  • In the early Islamic gardens in the Mediterranean, lemons were used as an ornamental plant.
  • The first documented lemonade stands were found in Brooklyn in 1873. They were run out of streetcars!
  • 95 percent of the US lemon crop is from California and Arizona.
  • A single lemon tree can produce 500 to 600 pounds of lemons.

Dr. Rosane Oliveira and Strawberry and Cucumber Mint LemonadeHow to Celebrate National Lemonade Day?

Paying tribute to National Lemonade Day is simple.

First, if you have a child (or a grandchild), encourage them to dip their toe into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship by setting up a lemonade stand!

And make sure that when they do, they whip up the healthiest possible version with this Strawberry and Cucumber Mint Lemonade recipe.

Have fun!