A Green Juice Celebration

National Green Juice Day, observed on January 26th, was established to encourage people to drink green juice.

It falls at the perfect time—a few weeks after January 1st—the moment when more than half of all individuals admit to having already broken their New Year’s resolutions.

Since eating healthfully and staying fit are among the most popular resolutions, National Green Juice Day invites each individual to carry on with his or her New Year’s health goals by drinking a glass of green juice every day.

It is also a gentle reminder that sometimes small choices can get us on the right track when it comes to health and wellness.

What Is a Green Juice Exactly?

kiwiGreen juice is a drink made primarily of green vegetables but that may also be mixed with fruits such as apples or pears. Green juices may be a good way to get your recommended servings of fresh veggies, especially if you find it difficult to eat loads of broccoli, kale, cucumbers, or collard greens in your everyday diet.

While the resulting drink contains the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals of the original vegetable, it is void of the insoluble fiber that is lost during the juicing process.

Fiber is important because it can aid in digestion and provide longer satiety; this is why it may be preferable to eat your veggies in whole versus juice form.

What Are the Benefits of Juicing?

round cucumber slice top viewWhile eating a whole food, plant-based diet has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, research data is scarce and mostly limited to animal models when it comes to exploring the specific health benefits of green juicing.

Juicing may help you squeeze more vegetables into your daily diet but it will not satiate you in the same way whole produce will.

Because you feel less satisfied, there is a risk that you might eat more calories during the day than you would have if you had simply eaten the veggies in a salad.

Interestingly, research shows that even when fiber is added to juice, it still does not fill you up as much as whole greens and other produce in general. It may be because the act of chewing ‘real’ food, the time it takes to eat (versus ‘gulping’ them down), and the volume they add to your stomach all play a role in why whole foods satiate you more.

A First Step

cucumberMost people believe that eating greens is good for their health but very few follow that practice.

Green juices may be a convenient alternative and a good first step for many individuals to increase their daily greens intake.

As you advance on your plant-based journey, you may choose to eat rather than drink your greens. Or you may discover that, while you mostly eat your greens, you will choose to drink a green juice from time to time when you’re ‘on the go.’

Remember your motto should always be ‘progress not perfection.’

And when it comes to consuming greens, more is always better!

Dr. Rosane Oliveira and Green Juice FestivalHow to Celebrate National Green Juice Day

There is really only one way to honor National Green Juice Day.

And that is by drinking a delicious and nutritious green juice!

Here is a collection of Green Juice recipes that will help you celebrate in style.

Here is to greens—in all their shapes and forms!