Ready for National Corn Fritters Day?

July 16th is National Corn Fritters Day…

And we’re here to celebrate it!

If you’ve never eaten a corn fritter, it’s traditionally a mix of corn kernels, eggs, flour, milk and melted butter.

wooden scoop with corn flourBut fortunately for us, there are plant-based versions that keep the corn fritter tradition intact but are much healthier for us.

(I promise I’ll get to that a bit later…)

But first, why don’t we discover together the tradition of the corn fritter?

Let’s Start With Fritters…

Wooden bowl with corn groats isolated on white background.The word ‘fritter’ comes from the Latin word ‘frigere’ which means ‘to fry’. A fritter applies to almost anything that is either prepared in batter, fried or baked. Enjoyed for centuries, the Romans were the first to relish the delicious taste of chickpea fritters at their lavish dinners.

According to Simon and Howe’s “Dictionary of Gastronomy”, the number of fritter variations is ‘beyond count’. A fritter can be filled with vegetables, artichokes or even almonds and can be a meal or a dessert (think apple fritter).

Oh and also, fritters are generally served with jam, honey (for non vegans), fruit or maple syrup – a little sweet to balance out the savory.

What About the Corn Fritter?

Here are some fun facts for you:

  • Heap of raw polentaCorn fritters are generally associated with Southern cooking, but other cultures also have their own variations of vegetable fritter like the “pakoras” in Asia.
  • Corn is abundant and is actually grown on every continent except for Antarctica.
  • The largest corn fritter ever recorded was 4 feet in diameter, 0.5 inches thick, and was made from 30 cobs of corn.
  • While corn is grown all over the world, 40% of it comes from the United States.
  • Many confuse corn fritters with johnnycakes, which is a type of cornmeal flatbread.

3 Ways to Celebrate Corn Fritters

So, if you’re looking for some fun, new ways to celebrate National Corn Fritters Day this year, give some of Jul-10_CornFritters_ChefRecipethese ideas a try:

  1. Take pictures of yourself with the corn fritters you make – or just eat – and post the images to social media using the hashtag #NationalCornFrittersDay.
  2. Host a Southern-style dinner party at home for friends or family and include corn fritters – along with other traditional Southern dishes (all plant-based, of course!).
  3. Make some corn fritters and share them with your friends, family or neighbors – nothing like a little Southern charm and hospitality!

A New Recipe to Try

And of course, you can’t celebrate National Corn Fritters Day without whipping up a batch. To help you, here’s a delicious plant-based version of Corn Fritters that will literally melt in your mouth.

Here’s to Southern warmth and hospitality…and National Corn Fritters day!