The Naked Food Revolution

How does a kid from Essex go from Naked Chef to worldwide leader of the Food Revolution?

By cooking, of course!

Jamie Oliver started his food career when he was just a kid helping out in his parents’ restaurant. At sixteen, he left school to train at Westminster Catering College. Then he bounced around Europe for a while before landing at the River Café, where he was featured in a documentary.

The documentary launched Jamie on a path that would take him around the world, make him a best-selling author and television personality, making Oliver’s name synonymous with cooked-at-home whole foods.

Jamie’s television show, The Naked Chef showed people how to cook with “naked” foods–whole foods–the bare essentials. He traveled the world with his Naked cookbooks and message of food awareness, launching dozens of campaigns to improve the diets of children and adults everywhere.

And now Jamie Oliver is at the head of a global Food Revolution.

What Is the Food Revolution Campaign?
Food Revolution Day is “fighting to put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum.” And here’s why:

  • Worldwide, there are more than 42 MILLION children under the age of five who are overweight or obese.
  • Children today are the first generation predicted to live shorter lives than their parents.
  • Diet-related illnesses are among the world’s biggest killers.

Those are some pretty sobering statistics. The Food Revolution aims to turn around the alarming rate of diet-related diseases by teaching children what food is, where it comes from and how what they eat affects their health.

How You Can Get Involved
Do you want to get involved and help children around the world eat healthier and live happier longer lives? Here’s how.

Sign It, Share It, Do It

Jamie’s global petition calls on all G20 countries to make practical food education mandatory for all school children.

  1. Sign it to make sure kids all over the globe understand what food is, where it comes from and how to grow and cook whole, nutritious foods for themselves.
  2. After you sign, share it with your social networks and your friends and family.
  3. Do it with You-app. Download the app to join in on daily micro actions and show that the little things really do matter!

Sing the SongMay 17_Chef and Recipe

Ed Sheeran came up with a rap song to help out his friend Jamie in the Food Revolution campaign. Little did they know that Sir Paul McCartney, Hugh Jackman and The London Youth Choir (among many others) would sign on to record it! Watch the video and rap along with Jamie and friends. And remember to share the music with your social networks, too.

Become an Ambassador

Jamie’s food ambassadors are passionate about fresh, local sustainable food. They connect businesses, schools, organizations and individuals at the local level. Join their ranks and make a difference in your community.

As the song says, “half the world is starving with too little to eat and the other half dying from being obese.”

Really such a sad irony.

My hat is off to Jamie Oliver and his work.

And while Food Revolution Day was on May 15th, the spirit of this inspired movement will—and should—live on.

In that vein, today we would like to share a kid-friendly recipe that proves just how delicious the healthy, whole food ‘naked’ revolution can really be. Our recipe Strawberry Slushie is brought to us exclusively by Chef Jamie Oliver.