Miso Cashew Cream Sauce

Chef Stefen Janke’s Miso Cashew Cream Sauce is a simple and versatile recipe to add to your repertoire. Start with your favorite nut milk (or make your own with our wonderful recipe, linked below!) and then blend with cashews and light miso paste until creamy. You can use it as a ‘sour cream’ topping in soup, chili, stew and other dishes, as a ‘mayonnaise’ for sandwiches, or you can even amp up the flavor by blending in additional herbs (like this basil puree!)


  • 2 cups cashews, soaked 3 to 4 hours or overnight
  • 1 cup Homemade Nut Milk
  • 2 tablespoons light miso paste
  • PREP TIME 5*
  • Serves 3


  1. Place cashews, miso, and milk in high speed blender.
  2. Blend until creamy.

Note: This will be good for 5 to 7 days refrigerated.

*Although the prep time is low, this recipe requires 3 to 4 hours or overnight to complete.