A Plant-Based Eating Journey of a Lifetime

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect?

This is the name of a chaos theory which says that one small thing—one tiny detail—can lead to a dramatic change.

Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.”

While the idea that a butterfly could actually cause a typhoon might be a stretch, I nevertheless warmly embrace the notion that the smallest action in life can trigger huge results.

Large doors do indeed swing on tiny hinges.

Little steps lead to BIG changes.

An Invitation to the 2018 Food Day Challenge

2018 Food Day Challenge SIgn Up 1I am writing this blog post to explain how you can take a small step that will help you make a big change in your life.

I would like to officially invite you to join our 2018 Food Day Challenge.

The idea of the challenge is that individuals from around the world gather together for a 21-day journey of 100 percent whole food, plant-based eating.

When you join this complimentary event, you will get to experience plant-based living alongside thousands of other like-minded individuals while receiving the full support of the UC Davis Integrative Medicine team.

In addition, you will get helpful resources, be able to ask questions in our private Facebook community, learn about successful habit change, and be given your very own Menu Book filled with delicious plant-based recipes.

And the Food Day Challenge comes at the perfect time—just before the holiday season, so you will emerge feeling and looking your very best!

How the Food Day Challenge Works

Here is what you get when you join the 21-Day Food Day Challenge:

Avocado1. Access to a private Facebook group where you will receive:

  • Support: Find answers and motivation from our vibrant Facebook community where you will meet lots of new friends!
  • Inspiration: Throughout the 3 weeks, we will share our favorite nutritious meal-making ideas as well as tips for shopping and food preparation.
  • Guidance: I will be present every day of the Challenge alongside our UC Davis Integrative Medicine team if you need help with anything.

2. A copy of our 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge Menu Book.

The 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge Cookbook is an inspired recipe collection, destined to become an indispensable tool in your kitchen.

The theme for 2018 is Set It and Forget It, and the Menu Book is filled with ideas for how you can prepare plant-based meals quickly and easily. It includes a daily electric pressure cooker dinner recipe, ideas for ‘fast-to-prepare’ breakfasts and lunches that you can take to work, and instructions on how to batch cook beans and grains and get most of your prep work done on Sundays. (If you do not have an electric pressure cooker, that is okay; we also explain how to prepare these meals using the stove and oven).

This cookbook is organized into 3 weeks, each with an international theme around varied whole grains, starchy vegetables and legumes:

  • Week 1: Latin American Cuisine—Quinoa, Potato, and Black Beans
  • Week 2: Mediterranean Cuisine—Wheat (with gluten-free swaps), Butternut Squash, and Chickpeas
  • Week 3: Asian Cuisine—Rice, Lentil, and Soybean

And inside you will find innovative recipes such as:

  • Butternut Squash Risotto
  • Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
  • Sunday Morning Smoked Tofu Benedict
  • Thai Peanut Noodl2018 Food Day Challenge Sign Up 2es
  • Unlayered Lasagna
  • Vegan BLTA

The Menu Book will be your best friend during the Challenge and will allow you to enjoy the gift of healthful eating long after it ends!

Sign up for the 2018 Food Day Challenge TODAY!

The fun starts on October 29th so you will have time to prepare: shop, stock up your kitchen, peruse the Menu Book and introduce yourself to your new friends in our Facebook community!

I will be delighted to have you there.

Remember the butterfly. Small actions can indeed lead to big changes!

Give us 21 short days, and we get you started on a plant-based journey of a lifetime.