15 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy Family Fun Month

August is that time of year when summer draws to a close, and we prepare for the first day of school.

And—very appropriately—it is also Family Fun Month!

31 beautiful days to have fun with your family.

To help you celebrate Family Fun Month in style, we have put together a list of 15 excellent family activities.

15 Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month

  1. red kitchen utensil - spatulaPlay a Board Game or Cards: Put down your mobile devices, turn off the television and enjoy some family time together. Take out your favorite board game or play a card classic like Go Fish or Gin Rummy.
  2. Build a Fort: How about building a fort with your children? You can have fun designing and constructing it, and once you are finished, you can read a book together in your new ‘home.’
  3. Go to a Free Outdoor Concert: Another summer favorite is to listen to music together. Almost every town offers free outdoor concerts, and you can go together as a family.
  4. Visit a Museum: Discover a local museum and, after the visit, talk about what you saw together and what everyone liked best.
  5. Volunteer as a Family: Nothing brings everyone together more than by giving back to the community as a family unit. Volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter or help serve a meal at a homeless shelter.
  6. Organize a Photo Contest: Hold a photo contest on the theme of your choice. You can pick a winner or just have fun making a free digital slideshow of your fondest family memories.
  7. yellow kitchen utensil - spoonCamp out in the Backyard: Camping is an outstanding family activity, and you can partake in the fun in your own backyard. Bring your sleeping bags and a tent and sleep outside together. Build a fire to cook your meal, tell bedtime stories, and gaze at the stars.
  8. Sightsee in Your Own City: Check out your local tourism site and discover something new in your own town, whether it is a local landmark, arboretum, garden or lake. Pack a lunch, grab your walking shoes, and go!
  9. Host a Charity Fashion Show: One way to get ready for the school year is to clean out the closets. This year, make the whole process memorable by turning it into a fashion show. You could even have a competition and give out prizes for the craziest outfit. When you are done, donate all those old clothes to a charity.
  10. Go on a Picnic: What says summer (or family) more than a picnic? Put together a basket full of yummy fruits and veggies and head off to your favorite outdoor place together—whether it is your back garden or a local park.
  11. Take a Family Bike Ride: Grab everyone’s bicycles and set out for a family bike ride. Try a different route so you can discover new sights in your hometown.
  12. Enjoy a Movie Night: Another family get-together that everyone will love is to simply watch a movie. Pick an old favorite or something fresh. Make it a real screening, complete with air popped popcorn!
  13. Dr. Rosane Oliveira and Make-Your-Own TostadasPlay Miniature Golf: You can either head out to your local mini-golf course or make your very own at the house. Find inexpensive golf clubs and golf balls at a discount store and use items from around the house (boxes, shoes, stuffed animals) to create course obstacles.
  14. Design a ‘Day’ for Each Family Member: A unique way to enjoy Family Fun Month is by designating a day for each member of the family. This lets you focus on each person separately and celebrate by doing what they love the most.
  15. Cook Together: Spending time in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to be with the family. You could enroll in a cooking class together or simply whip up a nutritious recipe at home, like our fun Make-Your-Own Tostadas!

Enjoy your meal and every single day of Family Fun Month!