Why Health Translates Well Into Any Language

The desire for good health is a universal pursuit.

It has no borders; it unites all of humanity.

Translation - health in PortugueseThat is why today’s blog post is devoted to showing you how to translate all of our articles and recipes into any language.

Equipped with this step-by-step system, you can share your favorite UC Davis Integrative Medicine content with friends who speak a language other than English.

I can relate personally to this issue.

As a native Brazilian living in the United States, I have many friends and family members who do not read English well but are interested in leading a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

That includes my own mother!

Since my mother became a 100 percent plant-based eater in January, she could not fully understand our blog posts and recipes.

To help her out, my sister and I taught her a simple method that allows her to easily translate articles into our native language (Portuguese) with the press of a button.

Once we created this system for her, I realized this might be something others in our community could benefit from too.

So here goes.

My Not-So-Secret Translation Sauce: Chrome!

I have gathered information about the best way to translate on a variety of browsers.

However, my favorite is Chrome because it makes translations easy and straightforward.

Translation - health in ChineseYou can use Chrome on your computer or cell phone using Android, macOS or Windows:

  • Computer: To get Chrome for your desktop, download it here. To translate any web page, just go to the top of the page and click Translate. If the translation button does not appear, try refreshing the page.
  • Android: To get Chrome for your Android device, download it here. To translate a page, open up the Chrome app, visit the web page you want to read, and tap Translate on the bottom of the page.
  • iPhone: To get Chrome for your iPhone, download it here. To translate a page, open the Chrome app, visit the page, and tap Translate.

For a complete list of instructions for using Chrome’s translation capabilities, visit this FAQ page.

Translating on Other Browsers

While Google Chrome might be the easiest translation solution, we understand that some of you might be using other browsers.

Translation - health in SpanishHere are some links to help you translate by browser:

  • Firefox: This page explains how to translate pages using Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer: Here is a link that describes how to get translations when you use Internet Explorer. Another option is to download the Google toolbar. Go here to see those instructions.
  • Safari: To install the Safari translation extension on your Mac computer, go here, then click on “Categories,” select “Translation” and choose “Translate” from the menu.  If you want to translate on your iPhone or iPod, go here.

As you can see, translating a web page is straightforward nowadays. This makes it extremely easy to share plant-based advice with friends and family—no matter where they are located in the world.

Let’s spread the news about healthful eating in any language!