Coffee Cake

A Symbol of the Little Moments That Count in Life

Funny how wrong names can be.

walnutTake the example of ‘coffee cake.’

For starters, there is no coffee in most coffee cake recipes.

And while it may be enjoyed with a cup of coffee, that is not mandatory either.

Coffee cake might not seem like the most healthful alternative, but it may be a nice plant-based dessert if prepared correctly—and we will share ideas on how to do that a bit later.

What better time to enjoy this delectable treat than on April 7th, National Coffee Cake Day!

Coffee Cake and Its History

Like so many foods, the coffee cake has evolved over the centuries.

Recorded in biblical times, its earliest form was made with honey and dates.

The first ‘real’ coffee cake was more like a sweet bread than a cake. It originated in Germany and enjoyed popularity throughout Europe including Scandinavia and England.

Coffee cake recipes started to appear in American cookbooks in the late 1800s.

While some of the first recipes actually did list coffee as an ingredient, today’s coffee cake is made with fruits, nuts, and cinnamon and rarely contains coffee.

What Is So Important About National Coffee Cake Day?

cinnamon sticksCoffee cake is not just about the food itself but the feeling that it evokes.

Simply put, time spent eating coffee cake is special.

We enjoy it while gathered around the kitchen table or in front of a cozy fire in the company of great friends and family.

As such, coffee cake is a symbol of love, community, and fellowship.

It is a reminder to pay attention to the little moments in life and not let them slip by.

When you think about it, National Coffee Cake Day is just as much about the warmth of people as it is about the warmth of the coffee cake itself.

Dr. Rosane Oliveira and Cinnamon Coffee CakeA Plant-Based Coffee Cake Recipe

The great news is that coffee cake can be prepared in a more wholesome way.

To show you how here is our favorite plant-based recipe for Cinnamon Coffee Cake. You will love its sweet and spicy flavor and how easy it is to make it.

Hope you enjoy!

And please remember to savor the ‘feeling’ of coffee cake too—those precious and warm moments with the people we love the most.

Happy National Coffee Cake Day!