A Slice of Plant-Based Pie

Let’s face it, nothing screams ‘comfort’ food more than a slice of delicious pie.

Pie is the quintessential food that conjures up warm childhood memories.

Mom and apple pie.

red appleThat says it all.

The only problem is…

A traditional slice of pie can hardly be considered good for you.

So is it possible to enjoy pie in a healthful way, one that is consistent with a plant-based diet?

Thankfully, the answer to that question is yes!

In a minute, I will show you how, and share one of my favorite pie recipes.

But first I want to tell you a little bit about National Pie Day, which is just around the corner!

More About National Pie Day

cinnamon sticksPie is so popular that it actually has two days dedicated to it: one on December 1st and the other on January 23rd.

But since this is the holiday season and pie is a staple at many festive gatherings, it seems fitting to celebrate National Pie Day on December 1st.

Our obsession with pie is not new. For centuries, people have enjoyed pies all around the world.

Did you know…?

  • Ancient Egyptians ate something similar to pies in 2,500 BC, which consisted of a honey or fig filling wrapped in ground oats or wheat.
  • The first ‘official’ pies were made by Romans. The Roman concoction was influenced by the Greeks and prepared using non-edible reeds that ‘held’ the filling.
  • Pies in England date back to the 12th century but were mainly meat pies. Fruit pies first appeared in the 1500s.
  • The pilgrims introduced pumpkin pie at their 2nd Thanksgiving celebration in 1623.
  • As early as the 19th century, fruit pies were eaten as a breakfast meal.

Have Your Plant-Based Diet (and Your Pie Too!)

Rosane Oliveira and Low-Sugar Gluten-Free Blueberry PieWhile pies have been around a long time, they have evolved over the centuries. However, one thing has remained constant—their popularity.

So how can you enjoy that yummy slice of fruit pie without compromising your plant-based diet?

It is actually easier than you think.

If purchasing a store-bought pie, read the label carefully. Make sure it uses real fruit and choose a crust that is made with minimally processed plant-based ingredients without the addition of oil.

However, it is best to prepare the pie yourself.

Here is one of my favorite recipes for Low-Sugar Gluten-Free Blueberry Pie.

It is sure to please, and it will be a great way to celebrate National Pie Day this December 1st.