From Naughty to Nice: How to Eat Nachos the Healthful Way

Nachos are an American favorite, traditionally made from crispy tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and an assortment of other ingredients, such as peppers, onions, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.

The possibilities are endless, which is perhaps the reason that this dish is so popular.

In fact, nachos are so well-loved that they have their very own day named in their honor – National Nacho Day – which occurs annually on November 6th.

But as delicious as nachos can be, there is one major drawback.

The way they are normally prepared is unhealthful.

Parsley. one leaf isolated on white background.From the sour cream and the cheese to the chicken and the beef, they are filled with animal-based ingredients.

The good news is that nowadays there are healthful alternatives using fresh, plant-based foods such as tofu, beans, and vegetables.

Later on, we are going to show you exactly how to do that!

But first, let’s find out a bit more about National Nacho Day.

Nacho, the Creator of Nachos

What is the history behind nachos?

Apparently, it all began with a man named Ignacio Anaya, or “Nacho” for short. He worked at the Victory Club, a restaurant just over the Mexican border from Texas near the Rio Grande River.

One day in 1943, Anaya was faced with a predicament.

A group of American soldiers’ wives had shown up but the chef had already left for the day.

Stack of sliced tomato isolated on whiteNot wanting to turn them away, Anaya decided to cook them something from the only ingredients he could find in the kitchen – tortillas and cheese.

He sliced the tortillas into triangles and melted the cheese on top.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The women, who absolutely loved the dish, asked Anaya its name.

He replied that it was “Nacho’s Especiales.”

Donning the name of their creator, nachos were officially born.

Nachos were an immediate hit and their fame swept quickly throughout the Southwestern U.S.  In 1950, the first known appearance of ‘nachos’ was published in a book called A Taste of Texas.

Their popularity grew over the years, and nachos were soon a staple in baseball stadiums and in the homes of many Americans.

How to Celebrate on National Nacho Day

Chef AJ and Sweet Potato NachosOne of the reasons everyone loves nachos is that they are a festive food.

We eat them with friends and family when we gather together for parties or to watch sports.

Now beloved around the world, nachos are also an homage to the Mexican and Southwestern culinary tradition which prides itself in its warmth, generosity, and emphasis on togetherness.

So, in honor of this year’s National Nacho Day, try Chef AJ’s Sweet Potato Nachos.

Our recipe transforms this classic favorite into a creative and original dish that is also 100 percent wholesome…delicious nachos like you have never seen or tasted before.

So enjoy!

And remember to celebrate with everyone near and dear to you. Nachos are meant to be shared!