Celebrating a Culinary Classic: The Pancake!

Pancakes are universal.

Whether you call them Johnny cakes, flapjacks, griddle cakes or crepes, pancakes are a favorite in many cultures around the world.

Pancakes in all their forms are delicious, easy and inexpensive to make.

There is also something about them that is just so comforting; they Blackberry isolatednourish both body and soul.

We even have an entire day dedicated to their deliciousness:

National Pancake Day on September 26th.

Even though pancakes have traditionally been made with flour, milk, and eggs, they can also be cooked the whole food, plant-based way.

We will share a great recipe later on, but first, let’s discover a bit more about the pancake’s history.

A Brief History of Pancakes

jar of jamSince the early years of recorded human history, mankind has been grinding grains into flour and using it to cook up these tasty cakes. In fact, there is archaeological evidence to suggest that the pancake was one of the first prepared breakfast foods.

While the earliest references to pancakes came from the 5th century B.C. Greek poets, they have really only been known as ‘pancakes’ since the 15th century.

As for National Pancake Day itself, the origins are a bit murky but apparently it started as early as the year 2000 (at least here in the US).

However, it is important to note that pancake parties are found outside of the U.S. too. Take the example of Shrove Tuesday, a 600-year-old pancake celebration enjoyed by people in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The event takes place in February and sometimes features a pancake race.

What You Might Not Know About the Humble Pancake

Here are some fun pancake facts for you:

  • The world record for flipping a pancake is 349 times in two minutes.Blueberries trio
  • Guinness record for the tallest stack of pancakes: 60 cakes and over 76 centimeters tall.
  • The world’s largest single pancake was over 15 meters across and weighed over 3 tons!
  • The biggest pancake was estimated at over 2 million calories.
  • Aunt Jemima pancake flour was the first ready-mix food sold commercially in 1889 in Missouri.
  • In France, people make a wish before they flip their crepes (and they hold a coin in the other hand!)

Celebrating Our Favorite Breakfast Cake

Chef Rosane Oliveira and Fluffy Dairy-Free Buttermilk PancakesOf course, the best way to celebrate National Pancake Day is to eat them.

Why not try our Fluffy Dairy-Free ‘Buttermilk’ Pancakes recipe and introduce your friends and family to the delights of plant-based pancakes?

You could also add nuts and fruits to your batter for an added treat. Bananas and pecans are favorites, but feel free to experiment.

And as an alternative to syrup, try topping your pancakes with a dollop of this delicious plant-based Pear Whipped Cream and fresh fruit.

Bon appétit!

Three cheers for pancakes—an incredible piece of breakfast awesomeness that unites us across the globe.