Why We ❤ National Wear Red Day

Did you know that heart disease is one of the biggest killers of women?

Many people believe that heart attacks (and disease) are for ‘men only’ but in reality, almost 500,000 women in the US die each year of heart-related disease.

Enter in National Wear Red Day… a day that exists specifically to raise awareness about heart disease and red plumswomen.

Pardon the pun.  But I promise you’re really not going to want to miss a beat of this story.

What Exactly Is National Wear Red Day?

Since 2002, the first Friday in February marks the day women across America come together to help increase awareness about women and heart disease.

The goal of National Red Day is two-fold.

First, it is to raise awareness about women’s heart health and the fact that heart disease poses a serious challenge for women.

Secondly, the goal is to educate women about how lifestyle changes can greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness. (Studies show that a whopping 80% of the heart disease and strokes that occur in women could have been prevented through education and simple lifestyle changes!).

So on Friday, February 5th, women across the US will don a red dress (or a pin Jan31_Red_Illustrate1_000084067821shaped like a red dress) in order to shine a spotlight on this dreaded disease while health organizations will host seminars that teach women better eating and exercise habits.

By the way, there is no mistake that both the name of the day and its official color are red.

A powerful color, red is a sign of strength, love, and the color of your heart.

How to Honor National Red Wear Day

So besides wearing red, how else can you honor National Red Wear Day?

All you need to do is understand the hashtag #GoRed and what it stands for:

Get Your Numbers: Get your blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose checked ASAP. The more you know red apple isolated on white backgroundabout the state of your health, the more powerful you will be against heart disease.

Own Your Lifestyle: If you live an unhealthful lifestyle, wake up and make a change. Stop smoking, go for daily walks, and start eating healthfully once and for all.

Realize Your Risk: Know what you’re up against and know just how healthy you are.

Educate Your Family: Teach your kids early on just how sacred their health is. It’s never too young to learn healthful habits!

Don’t Be Silent: Spend some time at your local community center and spread the word about #GoRed. You never know… you may change someone’s life.

Learn About the Signs of a Heart Attack

On top of this, we’d highly recommend that you go ahead and learn the signs of a heart attack. The more aware you are, the better you can look after yourself, friends, and family.

Visit the Go Red website or talk to your doctor to learn what the heart attack warning systems for women are. (Hint: They are different than those for men).

And remember that one of the absolute best ways to reduce your chance of having a stroke, heart attack or suffering from any cardiovascular disease is simply by changing Jan31_ChefRecipeyour eating habits.

In that spirit, we’d love to now share with you a recipe for alcohol-free Red Beet Sangria that you’ll love.

Here’s to a bit of plant-based love on the day devoted to all of our hearts.

And remember.

Your heart is the ‘center’ of your body and spirit.

Cherish it.

Treat it well.

And keep it healthy by endorsing a plant-based lifestyle.