World Choral Day: A Song for World Peace

Crazy about choirs?

Sing in the shower?

Host private concerts in your car?

Dec13_WorldChoralDay_Illustrate4_000066714559Then don’t miss a beat.

Today–December 13th– is YOUR Day.

World Choral Day.

Here is the rundown on this joyous occasion.

What Is World Choral Day?

World Choral Day—celebrated on the second Sunday in December–is an international event that promotes peace, understanding and solidarity. Singers across the world hold festivals, choral seminars, sing-alongs and various other events.

The goal?

The idea behind World Choral Day is to encourage peace worldwide through the power of music.

What’s The History of the World Choral Day Celebration?

Dec13_WorldChoralDay_Illustrate1_000065981421It all began with the Latin American Vice President of the International Federation for Choral Music–Albert Grau.

Grau believed the world was living in a constant state of self-destruction.

He was convinced that if we used music to break down the barriers created by politics, ideologies, religion and racial hatred, the world could become a better place.

Grau was convinced that no matter how divergent are beliefs; we can all come together with peace and understanding. Just like different notes in a symphony.

Fellow musicians loved Grau’s idea; his proposal to establish a World Choral Day was approved in August of 1990 by the General Assembly of the International Federation of Choral Music.

How You Can Celebrate World Choral Day (Even If you’re Not a Professional Singer)

The World Choral Day celebrations kick off by reading the World Day Proclamation. Here’s part of it…

“May your songs put roses there where battlefields lay. Open furrow and sow love to harvest fruits of hope. May your singing direct the world.”

Dec13_WorldChoralDay_Illustrate4_000079754953Every year’s World Choral Day is centered on a different theme. This year’s theme is Integration.

Millions of singers around the world will commemorate the event with concerts, festivals, sing-alongs, choral seminars, workshops and more.

Check out your local area to see what’s in store for you.

And make sure to search the hashtag #WorldChoralDay to see how you can participate.

Every year, at the end of the event, choirs in Africa, Europe, Asia and America sing together.

A beautiful touching event, it is as if quite literally the whole world is singing.

Why It Matters

The World Choral Day is about music.

But it is much more.

It was conceived to shed light on many of the troubling social issues of the world—from injustice to lack of equality.

The gift of song is that it is –by definition- both beautiful and non-discriminatory.

Dec13_BruschetaChefRecipe_Header_000012366561Song has no race or gender, no hidden agendas.

Song transcends all barriers.

And it brings people together in the most elemental but powerful of ways.

In Grau’s words

“It is time to show, with more power and strength, that our choral family contributes. We must be able to show that music, the divine art, is more than the mere search of formal perfection and interpretative beauty.”

“Music should serve to extol the values of solidarity, peace and understanding.”

This December give the gift of peace. Give hope. Join in on World Choral Day.

And in honor of this beautiful day, we are excited to share this recipe for A Better Bruschetta with you.