Spring Into Spring

The air is fragrant with blooming flowers and the earth seems full of promise.

Worms begin to emerge from the earth, green buds appear, birds chirp and flowers begin to bloom.

The days are longer—and warmer.

It’s that time again.

It’s spring!!

The universal symbol of rebirth, renewal and return.

What exactly IS spring?

Spring gets its name from the plants ‘springing forth’.

Mar 22_Rosane and spring rollsIn astronomical terms, spring begins with the Vernal Equinox, the day when the sun passes directly over the earth’s equator. The word equinox is derived from Latin and means ‘equal night’. On the Vernal Equinox, all over the world, days and nights are approximately equal.

The March Equinox signifies the beginning of spring for the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of autumn for the Southern Hemisphere. So in plant-based friendly terms, it means that while one side of the earth is planting, the other side is harvesting.

And by the way, this year we get to celebrate with an extra rare treat because the March Equinox coincides with a total eclipse of the Sun. (This is a rare phenomenon and the next time they both fall on the same day won’t be until 2034!)

How can you start celebrating spring?

While a lot of people think of spring cleaning their houses at this time of year, one of the best ways to celebrate the season is to get your hands dirty in the garden.

Start planting! Vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and peppers can be started even before the final snow of the year.

Still buried in snow? Spring can be a bit long in coming in some parts of the country (and world!) So if the weather isn’t good enough to plant, why not start planning for planting. There’s plenty to be done before the thaw, too. Set up your planting calendar, get your gardening tools in shape and buy your seeds now and you’ll be ready to go when the soil finally loosens up.

In that spirit, here’s a recipe for delicious spring rolls which is in itself a reason to celebrate.