Our Maiden Voyage

We would like to officially welcome you to our maiden voyage.

Our inaugural ball.

Our new beginning

That’s right!vday-fbphoto

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of the UC Davis Integrative Medicine’s official blog.

Today. February 14, 2015.

We have created this blog FOR YOU.

Our goal?

To create THE most amazing resource and community about healthful plant-based eating and living on the planet.

A place where you will get the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to a plant-based diet.

Just think of it as a bustling town square brimming over with conversations and opinions and advice on how (and why!) to eat in this delightful, plant-based way.

Our promise to you?

We will share with you as much high-quality information as possible. From our own articles to thought pieces from luminaries to practical tips and off-the-chart yummy recipes-you will find it here.

And it’s NO accident that we chose Valentine’s Day as the perfect day for our Maiden Voyage.

Because our blog is absolutely been established to Share the Love—today and beyond.share-the-love

Our love of health.

Our love for the planet.

Our love for the food we put in our bodies.

And—in the end—our love and deep respect for each one of you that are committed to changing how we look after ourselves in a positive and meaningful way.

In honor of both our Maiden Voyage and this special Day of Love, we have created the definitive delicious set of Valentine’s Day recipes.

Because… as Charles M. Schulz said… “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can go here for this very special “Sharing the Love” recipe set: Chocolate Mousse. Bittersweet Cashew Cream Truffle Squares. Superfood Frozen Yogurt.

A veritable dessert lover’s dream with exclusive recipes from a star-studded lineup of culinary genius—from the world’s leading raw food chef Matthew Kenney to the “Queen of Vegan Desserts” Fran Costigan to the acclaimed pastry chef Jorge Pineda famous for his “hard to believe they’re vegan” comfort foods.

So if you haven’t gotten it already, don’t forget to download it here.

And once again thanks for joining us on this Maiden Voyage.

Settle in—grab a truffle square or two—and enjoy the ride.